Electric Vehicles at McDaniel GM Superstore

The GM Lineup of Electric Vehicles at McDaniel GM Superstore in Marion, OH

The Bolt EV

The Chevy Bolt EV - not to be confused with the Bolt EUV - is one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market today. In addition, the Bolt EV, an electric hatchback, offers a roomy interior and a folding rear seatback that will allow drivers to experience as much cargo space as its larger GM cousin, the Chevy Equinox.


The all-electric Chevy Bolt offers drives up to 200 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque, providing a quick response and fun handling. The Chevy Bolt EV offers one-pedal driving, which means the Bolt offers a regenerative braking system. The Bolt offers a paddle on the steering wheel to access this function.

The Chevy Bolt is rated to offer up to 259 miles of range on a full charge. The Bolt is equipped with a dual-level charging cord, which can plug into either a 120-volt or a 240-volt electric outlet. DC Fast Charging is also available with the Bolt.


The Bolt offers an upgraded interior, including plush materials. The steering wheel is flat-bottomed, and the shifter is a set of buttons and toggles. Every Bolt is equipped with an eight-inch touchscreen monitor by which drivers can access the infotainment system.


The Bolt EV offers one of the lowest purchase prices of fully electric vehicles, plus the charging system included with the vehicle at purchase. While other EVs offer charging systems for an added charge, this is included in the purchase price of the Bolt EV, saving customers up to $3,000.

The Silverado EV

The Silverado EV is a fully electric truck similar to the Chevy Avalanche of the early 2000s in looks and an available midgate design, but the Silverado EV promises to offer power and performance that drivers from Powell, OH to Marysville, OH have come to expect from Chevy products.


The Silverado EV is powered by two electric motors, each offering up to 200 kWh. The Silverado EV will utilize GM's exclusive Ultium battery technology, and the Silverado EV is slated to provide up to 400 miles of driving range. DC Fast Charging will be standard throughout the trims of the Silverado EV. The base Silverado EV is rated to tow up to 8,000 pounds, while the RST and higher will tow approximately 10,000 pounds.


The Silverado EV Work Truck is a basic truck that offers everything drivers near Ontario, OH need; however, upper trim levels offer distinct luxury. The RST model will offer drivers a fixed glass roof and two-tone black and white leather upholstery. The interior offers the same cabin space as the gas-powered Silverado 1500. One distinct feature of the Silverado EV is that it returns the shifter to the column rather than the center console.


The Silverado is slated to offer one of the highest driving ranges of electric trucks on the market. However, with DC Fast Charging, drivers can spend ten minutes and gain about an hour of driving range when in a pinch. Drivers will have to purchase the Level 1 and Level 2 charging equipment as part of an add-on package.

The Bolt EUV

The Chevy Bolt EUV is a larger, sport-utility version of the hatchback Bolt EV.



The Chevy Bolt EUV is a fully electric SUV offering a 200-horsepower electric motor and front-wheel drive exclusively. The battery pack is a 65.0 kWh battery and is estimated to offer drivers up to 247 miles of driving range. The Bolt EUV comes standard with a 120-volt outlet, but drivers may purchase a 240-volt package as well.


The Bolt EUV offers the same flat-bottomed steering wheel as the hatchback version. The EUV also offers a great deal of cabin space and cargo room. Drivers near Delaware, OH can appreciate the 10.2 infotainment touchscreen and an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot.


The Bolt EUV is attractively priced and offers a wealth of extra standard equipment.


McDaniel GM Superstore Answers Your Burning Questions

We admit. There are many types of electric vehicles on the road. However, there what differentiates them comes down to two things. Does it have an electric motor? Does it have a gasoline-powered engine?

Hybrid vehicles use a battery to supplement the gasoline-powered engine. Plug-in hybrid vehicles also use a battery to supplement the engine, but it also allows you to travel on 100% electric power for short distances. EVs eliminate the need for a traditional gasoline-powered engine. Instead, a single or dual electric motors power your propulsion.

There are various ways to charge your EV. With the advent of electric vehicles, our public charging infrastructure has continued growing. It's now easier than ever to find a public charging station. Additionally, our dealership can help you locate a reputable company to install your Home Charging station.

Home Charging allows you to plug-in your EV and charge the electric battery at home. It's a convenience that only plug-in hybrids and EVs offer. In the past, you had to leave your home and wait in line before you could fuel your vehicle. Home Charging makes it easy to get the power you need to jumpstart your adventure. Plug in your vehicle and let it charge overnight while you rest and start your morning with a full charge.

If you ignore the incentives to owning an EV, the price is generally more expensive than a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle. However, it makes up for this by letting you avoid some of the common maintenance concerns an internal combustion engine requires. You won't need to pay for oil changes, tune-ups, and more when owning an EV. As more EVs grace our roads, the price difference is steadily moving towards the Evs' favor.

Yes! Take, for example, our hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. Because they employ additional electric batteries to supplement the internal combustion engine, you can get more distance per gallon. While the efficiency differs based on model and driving style, we're confident in saying you'll get more efficiency when piloting an EV.

Yes. When you own an all-electric vehicle, you'll be shocked by the improved sound quality. Because they've eliminated the loud internal combustion engine, all that's left is a smooth and quieter ride. No loud rumble. No excessive noise when you start moving after a red light. You'll enjoy a more peaceful journey in an EV.

Yes, when owning an EV, you may qualify for tax credits. The federal government offers tax credits for certain EVs. Additionally, you may qualify for local and state incentives, too. We understand everyone's situation differs. That is why our knowledgeable and dedicated sales team is here to answer your questions. The more we know about your unique situation, the better we're able to provide accurate information regarding obtaining tax credits.

McDaniel GM Superstore is your home for great deals on exciting EVs. Enjoy exciting vehicles like the Bolt EV, Bolt EUV, and Silverado EV. Visit us online or call our dealership for details on current EVs in stock. If you don't see the vehicle that excites you, we will help you custom-order it. You deserve a great driving experience. Let McDaniel GM Superstore become your gateway to a better ride.

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