2019 Chevrolet Corvette Walk Around

Low-slung, brash, wide: each C7 Corvette is an amalgam of scoops, spoilers, and ducts. They amplify the car’s sinister appearance, making it almost exotic.

Most exotic of all, then, would be the new ZR1. Highlighted by its huge wing, oversize cooling ducts, and massive hood scoop, the ZR1 conveys the aura and essence of a supercar.

Although the C7-generation Corvette retains the basic shape it’s had since the C4 generation of 1984, it’s far more blatant today. Sharp creases meld with smooth curves. Differences from past Corvettes center on details applied to its long hood, sharply raked windshield, and truncated tail.


Though brash in nature, the Corvette cockpit isn’t quite as bold or extroverted as its exterior, but is modern and driver-focused. Passenger space is suitably upscale, boasting plenty of soft-touch materials and a number of premium trim choices.

Great, supportive seats have eight-way power adjustments. Even in Stingray models, they mate with a standard power tilt/telescopic steering column. Nearly any occupant should find a comfortable seating position, with sufficient bolstering to keep them securely planted.

Space is snug but not tight, able to accommodate sizable passengers. Six-footers shouldn’t have trouble, though headroom tightens for the very tall. Small in diameter, the flat-bottom steering wheel provides space for a driver with greater girth.

Displays on the digital instrument cluster change by mode. An 8.0-inch touchscreen is standard.

The power-operated convertible top lacks a manual latch, but can be raised or lowered at speeds up to 30 mph. When open, wind buffeting can grow troublesome.

In coupes, the hatchback opens to 15 cubic feet of cargo space. At 10 cubic feet, the convertible’s trunk is larger than those in other droptop models. The ZR1’s big rear wing creates a tall liftover. Cubbies and bins are plentiful.

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